Bare Reality – 100 women and their breasts

This amazing art and social project by Laura Dodsworth explores how 100 women view their breasts. From breast cancer survivors to vicars, Dodsworth has photographed 100 pairs of knockers and is publishing them alongside anonymous interviews as a project called Bare Reality. She explores the meaning of breasts and what they represent to their owners, uncovering the real breasts that the media has been hiding behind the fake double GGs of Hollywood.

Dodsworth says ‘More than simply part of our bodies, breasts represent sexuality, motherhood and femininity. Their primary purpose is to feed our babies. At the same time, in Western culture they are considered a woman’s single most significant sexual attribute. They can be erogenous zones. Yet to others they bring disappointment, inconvenience, and even health problems.’

Bare Reality is really awesome project, raising money for breast cancer research through the sale of the book and inviting conversation about the reality of boobs.



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