Connections and Transcendence

Isn’t it funny how music can take you places? Transcending boundaries, walls, security nets that time has created.

That you have created. 

If you allow yourself, you slip back into another world – an alternate universe – and you can experience the exact same emotions that you felt on hearing that music before. Whether absolute euphoria, hope, joy, or despair. Music acts as a vehicle. You sit, and think, and daydream of love and life lost.

Except it isn’t lost.

Music is a connector, an invisible bridge in the human soul. 

Music contains a power stronger than an ordinary memory – and a different power to that of memorabilia, of stuff, of objects. Whilst we experience the emotions of the past, we simultaneously experience the music anew. Like a camel in a sandstorm, we have adapted to our new environment, and we can take on a new emotion or experience from the music. There is then a complicated jumble of the individual present and the individual past, and a tantalising taste of the individual future. 

Where will I be when I next hear this music? How will it affect me then? 

How do I want it to affect me then? 

Music not only gives us memory and identity, but it gives choice – and the chance to reflect on the choices we will make. 



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