Not just a girl

Emma Moore recently turned five years old. To mark the special occasion her mother, the photographer Jamie Moore, wanted to take a set of photographs. It struck her that little girls were forever just being dressed up as Disney princesses (as much as we all love Disney…). She wanted to show Emma real women she can look up to and admire, rather than allowing her merely to aspire to an ‘unrealistic fantasy’.

The photographs are not over complicated, not over contrived. The women include Amelia Earhart – the aviation pioneer, Helen Keller – the deafblind American author, political activist and lecturer, and the fabulous Coco Chanel – the French designer and founder of the Chanel brand. These are women that made a real, positive, and palpable change in the world. Jamie’s photographs are heartfelt, personal and inspiring. Wouldn’t it be great if all young children (boys and girls) knew about these women and their amazing achievements – as well as knowing all the words to Cinderella.

helen keller


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