Kids and Classical Music

So there’s this weird idea that Classical Music is inaccessible.. but to be honest, sometimes I agree with this madness. In one lecture this term we were played this, and I just freaked out and had no idea what was going on. Perhaps unusually for a music student, I’m much more likely to be found listening to Taylor Swift than Schoenberg and sometimes the thought of Mahler makes me want to cry. But watching this video of kids watching and reacting to classical music is enough to make anyone want to listen to some Beethoven.

Before Rafael listens, he pretty much sums it up: ‘It’s better not to talk about it’, ‘it is boring: they just have pianos’. Rafael is six. It seems totally crazy to me that such ignorant views have been passed to such a young human,  but the transformation is amazing. ‘I would definitely come back’, says Daniel (age 4) and Halyria  observes, with wisdom beyond her six small years, that ‘Classical music is quiet music that also has joy’.

Go on, let’s try it together.


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